Outstanding lessons can come from many places

One thing you may not know about me is that I tend to be a bit frugal. But, I decided to reward myself this past week by going to see a movie wanted to see. So, this means it did not have superheroes or animated characters.

I went to see Same Kind of Different as Me.

The reason this is surprising is that the movie is currently at the “expensive” theater. Meaning, tickets here are about ten dollars a pop. Unlike our nice little, local theater where prices are about $5.

Another reason this is surprising? I saw it twice! I went to see it Friday afternoon and loved it so much I took my children to see it Saturday afternoon. That was way more than I normally choose, but it was so worth it!

No, I didn’t take them because it was fun. Or, because of the acting.

Rather, I took them because of outstanding lessons taught through this entire movie.

Watch this preview and then read below for what this movie teaches.


I will not spoil the movie by telling details of the plot. I will tell you why you should go see this touching movie.

Outstanding lessons in Same Kind of Different as Me

This movie is …

a lesson on marriage,

a lesson on stereotypes,

a lesson on kindness,

a lesson on homelessness,

a lesson on priorities,

a lesson on friendship,

a lesson on bigotry,

a lesson on faith,

a lesson on oppression,

a lesson on awakenings,

a lesson of a heart in action,

and, a lesson in true love.

Oustanding lessons I learned

There are many different ways we can show kindness to others.

We are not all alike. And, we have different strengths and weaknesses.


Some of us are only comfortable writing a check or dropping a few coins in a bucket

Others feel perfectly comfortable helping people who seem similar to them but don’t know how to relate to someone they see as different (physically, economically or intellectually). Take the time to help your special stranger.

I urge us all (me included) to stretch the boundaries of your comfort zone. You may be surprised how much you can impact others. But, you will also be greatly changed.

Watch the movie Same Kind of Different as Me and see what you learn from Ron and Denver’s story.


Spark kindness in kids with books that teach.Are you stuck on how to encourage your children to get involved in more acts of kindness?

Read this post Powerful Books that Spark Kindness for children’s book ideas.

Then, get my free downloadable/printable Kindness Cards!

There is a set for younger childrenand older kids. Be encouraged to show kindness along with your kids through a variety of simple acts.

Have a blessed day- and sprinkle kindness as you go!

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