The phrase Peace on Earth can yield a variety of reactions. It can lead to hope, happiness and goodwill. But, it can also lead to frustration, disbelief, and sadness. Really, what is the likelihood of there being peace on earth?

At such a time where news stories include tensions with North Korea, terrorism, and accusations of inappropriate behavior towards actors and politicians alike, peace on earth seems like a far stretch.

How can we begin to tackle such an insurmountable task?   

We can take baby steps!

By breaking the goal down into smaller pieces, it seems more feasible and you can find a good starting point. And, as we work towards our main goal, we can see the rewards of our efforts along the way.

So, if the main goal is peace on earth, what are the baby steps?

   1.   Create peace at home

   2.   Demonstrate peace in my neighborhood and community

   3.   Make peace at school or work

Be intentional about making peace in these locations where you can make a difference.

At home, be generous with your time.

When we spend time doing fun activities with our children, they feel comforted and appreciated. Whether you do a holiday puzzle, watch a movie together, or decorate cookies, you will build a connection. Kids need your attention, even if they don’t think they do.

When we spend more time with our children, they are less likely to bicker with each other. They get a well-needed break from technology and enjoy human interaction. Your children will also have less to complain about when their needs are being met by you.

Also, allow room for imperfections.

Allow your children to help decorate your house, participate in baking and even wrap gifts. It doesn’t have to look perfect. Just think of the memories you are making.

Creating peace on earth starts in the home.

In your neighborhood and community, be generous with your emotions. 

Have you noticed that social media can make it easy to feel left out? Friends post about a party (you weren’t invited to), or tell about something cool that happened (and you missed it). Don’t let yourself feel slighted and don’t let jealousy rear its ugly head.

Instead, be generous with your emotions. 

Plan to allow things to roll off your back. Don’t beat yourself up or be envious. Learn to be thankful in all things. One less party means less stress. You don’t need to buy a gift, figure out what to wear or bake something to take. And, you have that time to spend with your family or to do something you need to do. Make a plan to get together after the holidays.

This may sound easier than it actually is, but if you try to be generous with your emotions then you will create peace on earth in your neighborhood and community.

At school or work, demonstrate peace on earth with forgiveness.

People at school and work are just as busy as you. They are studying for exams, completing big projects, or having to deal with people in a rush during the holiday season. They may become short with their words, leave you to do more of the work, or simply ignore you.

During this season, especially, forgive others for allowing things to get them down. Forgive them for saying something hurtful or for the rude tone of their voice. Rather than replying with a snippy comment, be generous with forgiveness. This is an amazing gift to others that can certainly bring peace to the workplace (or school).

Create peace on earth in your corner of the world. 

Following these baby steps will lead to great progress over time. We can create peace on earth when we begin locally. So, sprinkle kindness as you go…

For more tips on fostering peace and kindness in your family, community, or anywhere, please visit Fostering Kindness.

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