The holiday season is here. It’s time to cook, clean, decorate, shop and wrap gifts. But don’t let this time of year stress you out. Focus on kindness to discover more joy this season!

And, you will most likely finish your list faster and in a better mood.

Focus on Kindness to Find Joy

Focus on the Elderly

When you run to the store to get your cooking and baking needs, consider picking up some fruit and sugar-free cookies. You could also grab some inexpensive cards or holiday decorations.Discover more joy this season by visiting the elderly.

When you leave, make a quick stop at a local nursing or retirement home. Ask if there are a couple of residents who rarely get visitors that may enjoy a quick visit. Also, check with the staff regarding any goodies you brought with you.

Then, stop in and light up someone’s day! You don’t have to stay a long time or be really good at talking with older people. Talk about the weather, holiday music, holiday traditions or nothing at all. Regardless, you will discover more joy this season.

Focus on the Homeless

Discover more joy this season by giving to the homeless.
image: Chris Yarzab without adaptation

Thankfully there are some wonderful programs in Roanoke and the New River Valley that provide assistance for the homeless. Still, many are out in the cold during the day, or possibly all night long.

So, as you shop for the people on your list, pick up some warm socks, hats, and gloves. Take them to a drop-off location for the homeless.

Or, keep a couple of blessing-bags in your car. Include warm items, packed crackers, a toothbrush and maybe hand-warmer packets. Then, give them to someone standing in the cold asking for help. You will both discover more joy this season.

Find suggestions on how to speak to the homeless if you need recommendations.

Focus on the Lonely

Many young adults in our area aged out of the foster care system without being adopted by a family. Holidays come and go with no special meal or gifts.

If you have some extra funds in your budget, call your local Department of Social Services. Ask a social worker for the needs of a specific young adult. Or, if you are short on time just drop off a few gifts. Gloves, hats, sweets, hygiene products, and gift cards for fast food and gas stations are good choices.

Focus on the Children

Click the image to donate to Toys for Tots

There are many opportunities to show kindness to children during the holiday season. The Angel Tree, Operation Christmas Child, Toys for Tots, and The Christmas store are a few.

Or, purchase a few fun books, toys, craft kits or games for the children’s department at your local hospital.

Focus on the Moments in Front of You

Discover more joy this season as you look for ways to help others in the little moments.

Discover more joy this season by gifting kindness!If the person behind you in line is in a rush, let him go ahead of you. Help the person juggling too many packages carry her items. Speak a kind word to the cashier that might be having a difficult day. Show compassion and understanding to the mom with the screaming child. Smile a little as you move through the crowds.

It doesn’t always take a lot of time or money to make a big difference. Just keep your eyes open and your heart willing.

Discover More Joy This SeasonFocus on Kindness to discover more joy

Sometimes, when we focus our thoughts on brightening the day of others, our own worries diminish. It truly can help you discover more joy this season.

Focus on:

the elderly, the homeless, the lonely, the children, and the moments in front of you.

Fostering Kindness is happy to provide resources for spreading kindness in your family, schools, and community. Our gift to you this season is the KIndness Advent Calendar for 2017.

Print your own by following the link or clicking on the image.

Focus on Kindness with this Advent Calendar of Kindness

And, celebrate moments of kindness. Submit a short story, telling where you did, or saw, a moment of kindness to inspire others! It may be selected for our upcoming book.

Happy Holidays from Fostering Kindness!

 …remember to sprinkle kindness as you go!




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Focus on Kindness to Discover More Joy this Season

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