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I am so glad you are here and that you have an interest in seeing kindness spread in our families and in our communities. Let me tell you a little about myself so you will understand the importance of this mission for me.

My name is Toni. I am a wife, mother of five adopted children, educator, and child of God. Over the past fifteen years, I have noticed students in schools who are blind to how their actions affect others. Different families have different values and some of our students are simply not taught to think of others or to be kind and respectful to others.

I see in my own children how difficult it can be to instill values and kindness in your children. Believe me, there are days I wonder what more I can do. Then I remember they are children with free will and I can only do my part.

As a foster parent, I see children who need a place where kindness, understanding, love, and encouragement await. I also see the biological parents who need love and support to help them meet their goals and continue to have a relationship with their children.

I, myself, was so busy with my own to-do lists that I rarely took the time to look around me and see how I could serve others.

So, I decided to strengthen my own family and community through looking for ways to serve others. I am making that change in my life. I want to enrich our lives and others by making kindness more of a focus. Please don’t think I am an expert or self-righteous person who wants to tell others how to do this thing called life.

No, I am simply on a journey of spreading kindness and I would love to take others along with me.  Why not try sprinkling a little kindness as you go through the day?


Contact me: Toni@fosteringkindness.com

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