Whether you live in a small town or a large city there are plenty of opportunities to show kindness to others. It starts with taking the time to put aside your own thoughts and needs and look around you. When you open your eyes to your surroundings you may be surprised at all the ways you see to help others in your community.

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At the bottom of the page is a listing of resources that may give some ideas for spreading kindness in your community.

  A Heartfelt Lesson on Empathy

This is a fabulous character education lesson for students of any age from Squarehead Teachers. It would be suitable for kids at school, in a counseling group, church, or even in your own family.

Basically, students tell about the struggles of being a certain age. They discuss how hurtful it is when people say or do mean things that are upsetting. Each time the heart is folded.

After folding the heart multiple times the students discuss how beaten up the heart looks. After sharing how this makes them feel, they say kind words to help repair the heart.

Each child gets a band-aid with their name on it to put on the heart when he or she says kind, comforting words.

This is a great visual to hang on the wall and remind kids of the power of their words; for good or bad.

More resources coming soon!


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