Are you looking for the perfect gift to welcome an adopted child?

When my husband and I adopted our first, sweet little girl, we were given the perfect gift. We loved it then, and this book still has special meaning in our family.

The image above is an affiliate link so you can purchase this board book for your child or as a gift for an adoptive family. (This means you will pay the same price you normally would, but this site gets a small commission to help continue to serve the community).

This book is a great gift to welcome an adopted child, if you are okay with a faith-based book. It starts with God deciding to make the child and discusses how each child is so incredibly and individually made.

And then, my favorite line of the book

I love that this book can answer so many questions for a child. We may never understand the “why” of what has happened to bring a child to our home. But, this helps us accept it in knowing that for some reason this is what is best for the child.

I still read this book with my daughter, even though she is now 14. It reminds her that she is still loved.

If you would like more information about adopting children in foster care, visit our foster/adopt page.

Within the next few years, I know my children will want to know more about their birth parents. I don’t want to hide any of that information from them because it is their history.

But, hopefully knowing that God’s plan was for them to live with us will help them accept what they learn about their biological parents.

If you have an adopted child, get this book. Would you like to give a gift to welcome an adopted child? This is just the right gift.

If you prefer to have a hardcover book for an older child, you can get yours here Just in Case You Ever Wonder.

Share in the joy of a family’s adoption.

And, as always, sprinkle a little kindness as you go.

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What gifts do you give to families or their adopted children?

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