If you are considering whether to adopt or foster children, this is the place for you. It is not for everyone, so if that is not you, consider supporting those families. Get information here!


If you are just thinking about foster care, and wonder if it might be for you or your family, this is an excellent video. After you watch, please comment below with questions or send an email to Fostering Kindness if you would like more information. Thank you to National PTA for this wonderful resource!

Are you curious about adopting from foster care?

Learn more about this form of adoption from Adopt US Kids.

If you would like to learn more-

This site will allow you to search for your state foster and adopt information. This is a good place to learn about the application process, licensing requirements, how to get approved, and what to expect with a placement.


Foster care is not for every family. You can still support children in the foster system, foster parents, or youth who have aged out of the system. Look for more information on this coming soon!

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